O然レ窯 飯碗 ブロンズ


【作家・窯元】 O然レ窯
【産地】 三重県
【サイズ】 径 約11.0僉高さ 約6.7
【材質】 陶器
・電子レンジ、食洗機 使用不可

【Potter / Pottery】 Osaregama
【Production area】 Mie Prefecture
【Dimensions / approx】  OD 11.0僉H 6.7
【Material】 Pottery
【Instructions for use】
Microwave and dishwasher do not use.
Please note: because all our products are individually handmade, each item is unique.
You may notice subtle variations in shape, size and color when you order multiple pieces.
You may also notice some black spots on the surface of the item which come from the iron
in the clay or ash in the kiln.

For more information please check the features of Japanese pottery.


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